Pontoon Uses - Making the Hard Easy to Reach!

Whether you need a working platform on the water or to create a safe floating stage for your event, Drake Towage can help you.

Floating pontoons are the ideal solution to your water platform needs. Whether you need to construct, repair, remove or inspect a water-based structure, or to create a sturdy over water platform or stage for an event, we’ve got a floating platform that will work for you. We’ve a huge range 

of commercial floating pontoons to hire, suitable for any project you have on a river, canal, lake or sea. Combine this with over 30 years of engineering expertise, quick delivery and reliable equipment, you can be sure that Drake Towage has a solution that will work for you. 

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Icon Floating Working Platforms

If you need a safe, strong working platform for your diggers, cranes or scaffolding then our floating work platforms are the ideal solution for you. Our modular pontoon systems can be configured to suit any size, weight and shape you need, giving you complete flexibility and enabling you to work around any awkward bridges, walls or other structures. Working with you every step of the way, from creating your risk assessments to delivering and collecting your pontoons. We’ll combine our many years’ experience with your needs, to create the perfect pontoon solution for your project, whether you’re surveying and repairing bridges and water defences or cleaning and maintaining piers. 

Icon Floating Walkways

Suitable for both private and public events, floating walkways can give you pedestrian access to lakes, rivers, canals and harbours. Quick and easy to construct, our pontoon walkways can be designed to suit your load bearing requirements in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them the ideal way to carry your pedestrians across large stretches of water safely. Depending on your event, you can choose from a number of different surface treatments and handrailing systems, giving you the ideal, bespoke solution for your floating walkways needs.

Icon Floating Scaffolding Platforms

If you need to access bridges, walls or high building from the water, then our floating scaffolding platforms can help you. Using our modular scaffolding pontoon platforms, we can create a bespoke solution that gives you access to the hard to reach places. Our high quality, steel pontoon platforms and selection of hand rails and anchor points give you a safe working area for your workforce. With platforms available in all sizes, with various load bearing capabilities you can be sure we’ve got the floating scaffolding platform hire solution you need. 

Icon Canal Access

Whether you’re repairing brickwork or maintaining bridge structures, access can be tricky and keeping pedestrians out of the way even harder. But working on canal projects can be easier with our bespoke pontoon hire. Working with you we can supply and install floating walkways, which give you access to hard to reach places and allow pedestrians to bypass your closed working sections, keeping them out of harm’s way and causing you minimum disruption. Our bespoke pontoon hire installations can be supplied with stanchions and handrails to ensure your users are safe and with a choice of additional access ramps, buoys and solar powered lighting, you can be sure you’ll have everything you need to make sure your canal towpath project runs smoothly.

Icon Floating Event Platforms (Stages)

Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or a big public event, a floating stage or platform can add an exciting edge to your occasion. From sturdy floating stages to beautiful, canopied marquees, your floating platform will be designed to suit your specific needs and can be dressed or themed to match the rest of your event. Using our high quality, modular floating pontoons, we’ll create a safe, reliable platform to hold your event. With platforms suitable for most water areas, from private swimming pools, lakes, ponds, rivers and even the sea, you can be sure we’ve got what you need to make your festival, public spectacular, party, wedding or event a huge success.

The Things We Do Best

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Case Study: Lattenbury Services – Woodwalton Fen

Lattenbury Services who were awarded the contract to remove the old bridge over the Great Raveley Drain into Woodwalton Fen and replace it with a new one, were tasked with both needing to access the bridge which was being removed whilst also maintaining the crossing for both pedestrians and vehicles. 

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“We have always found that Drake gives a good value and innovative service. The variety of equipment that it holds and can put together to suit project requirements means that it can always provide a safe and effective solution.”

Scott Gaherty
Managing Director, Intermarine Ltd

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