Woodwalton Fen Case Study

The Brief

Lattenbury Services who were awarded the contract to remove the old bridge over the Great Raveley Drain into Woodwalton Fen and replace it with a new one, were tasked with both needing to access the bridge which was being removed whilst also maintaining the crossing for both pedestrians and vehicles. 

Woodwalton Fen is part of the Great Fen Project – a 50-year undertaking in the area between Peterborough and Huntingdon to produce and maintain one of the largest wetland habitats in Europe. 

The Solution

Lattenbury Services employed the specialist help of Drake Towage to deliver and assemble a sufficient area of their modular steel pontoons to facilitate access to the bridge from both sides and below and to provide a temporary crossing for pedestrians and vehicles where necessary. 

Delivery of the 24 pontoons needed for the job commenced in June 2017 with Drake Towage utilising their own lorry, complete with its on-board folding crane.  The pontoons, along with 2 stabiliser spud legs and 42m of sectioned steel handrailing were unloaded and lifted directly into the river from the bank side road.  The Drake team assembled the pontoons into the required configuration as each one was lifted into the water.  Once completed, the stabiliser spud legs were attached to enable the completed floating platform to be secured in position.  Lastly the handrail sections were bolted into place to ensure that the platform was safe to use. 

Lattenbury Services were than able to proceed with the work of removing the bridge and lifting in the new one and by the end of September, with the work completed, Drake Towage were able to dismantle and collect all the pontoons for return to Wisbech.