Clay Lake Bridge Case Study

The brief

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Freyssinet Ltd – Clay Lake Bridge – Pontoon Hire with Delivery and Assembly Freyssinet were contracted to undertake refurbishment work on the underside of Clay Lake Bridge. 

Clay Lake Bridge is situated on the outskirts of Spalding where Spalding Drove Road crosses the Coronation Channel.

Freyssinet needed access to the underside of the bridge to carry out repair works to the expansion joints and to fit cathodic protection to the steelwork. 

Drake Towage were contracted by Freyssinet to provide a floating platform, positioned under the bridge from which they could carry out the works.

The solution

Owing to access issues from the bridge, it was decided that the best approach was for Drake to deliver all the floating equipment to Welland Yacht Club which is situated on the River Welland to the West of Spalding.  From this location, Drakes lorry could lift the pontoons into the river for partial assembly and then using a workboat, push them downstream along the Welland and through the sluice into the Coronation Channel and down to Clay Lake Bridge.  

Once at the site, the assembly of the floating platform could be completed along with fitting of safety handrails and securing to the bridge structure.  The working platform had to be positioned in such a way as to provide access for the work but still leave a gap through the middle of the bridge for the water taxi service.

Once in place, Freyssinet were able to access under the bridge from both banks to undertake their works. After the work was completed, the pontoons were pushed back upstream to the Yacht Club for removal.